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This water-based breast pump is the best I've ever seen
The Naya Smart Breast Pump uses water instead of air to gently massage your breasts to help you relax and release milk quickly


One of my top five favorite products at CES? A breast pump! And not just because it's something I'd use at this stage in my life. In an industry that truly needs innovating, the Naya Smart Breast Pump has the potential to change the face of pumping forever. (I wish I would have known about this 8 months ago!)

The Naya Smart Breast Pump is the first and only pump to use water instead of air to stimulate the production of milk. I got to try it out first-hand (literally on my finger!) and it truly mimics the feeling of a baby. Why does that matter?

Because, moms who experienced better pumping performance with the Naya reported an average of 29% more breast milk expression in the same amount of time compared to market leading brands.

When the pump is paired with its free companion app, the Naya Health Tracker, you can automatically track your pumping sessions, milk supply, and see your daily and weekly stats at-a-glance.


Unless this is something you've ever experienced, you don't realize how taxing it is to plan for pumping sessions, be tethered to a device 7-8 times a day for 20-30 minutes at a time. In fact, Naya Health is so passionate about helping all people understand what it's like, they made this vide, "What if Men Breastfed." Watch all the way to the end to see the brutal reality of what it's ACTUALLY like for a woman.


Thanks to Cox Communications for letting me explore all of my fave products in the tech space at CES this year. I have a special love for gadgets and internet connected devices, especially as it relates to smart homes and cars.

My fave toilet! The Toto Toilet at CES 2017

Even our toilets are getting smarter. The TOTO toilet is an iconic luxury brand, providing a truly magical bathroom experience. The price point isn't for the faint of heart, but the company boasts a savings in both water and paper products over time. The technology behind these toilets is mind blowing and we take a peek at it this interview during CES 2017.

Of course we need a great broadband connection to make it all work!

We caught the TOTO sensors in action at CES 2017 and made our own little musical rendition for your viewing pleasure.


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Smart nursing and pumping stations from Mamava
Check out these smart pods from Mamava that offer a safe and secure (and SUPER COMFY) place to nurse or pump milk while on the go. Every business in America ...

As a mom who is currently nursing (and pumping when I'm away from the baby), this was a true gem I discovered during CES 2017. Just two days prior I was pumping in a crowded restroom stall, where I dropped one of my parts in the toilet! Don't worry, I threw it out.

Walking into the Baby Trends section I saw a small line forming near the Mamava booth. I wandered over to check it out and discovered there were a tribe of nursing women at CES. We quietly and discreetly were hunting down places to pump or nurse and gave a nod of solidarity as we waited. Here was a product I both wanted to cover for Cox Communications (#coxCES) and use at the same time.

(image)From Mamava website

This time I got out my pump and other supplies with pride. I parked myself in one of the suites designed for the corporate environment, complete with heated seats and a swivel desktop for my computer and pumped in comfort and privacy. It was the best public pumping experience I've had to date. (There's also enough space if you're traveling with more than one little person to fit comfortably and securely inside.)

The Standard Mamava suite comes with a dead bolt lock indicating whether the suite is Vacant or Occupied. Custom keyed or mechanical key pad locks are available. They are also launching with blue tooth activation so mom can easily unlock a pod or suite with their phones (no tracking down another human to let you in when you're already in a hurry). They come with both AC and USB power outlet so you can charge your phone and power your breast pump simultaneously. You can bet I charged up my devices while in there.

Each suite can be custom crafted to match an interior and create a unique look, plus they're mobile so you can move them, as needed. It's especially great for smaller office spaces who want to provide a benefit for working mothers.

I'd love to see the Mamava suites in airports, businesses and public places across the world. Let me know if you've tried one out before!


You can find out more at

Project Nursery moves into the world of smart bands for "baby tracking"
Schedule and track all of baby's feedings, wet and soiled diapers and more right from your wrist. No more phone and apps!

Project Nursery is entering the wearables market with the new Parent + Baby SmartBand, available February 2017 for $149.99 and will include three different colored wristbands – blush pink, white and black.. It's a smartband created specifically for parents with scheduling and tracking events for mom and baby. What makes it extra useful is that when you're done tracking anything related to the baby it transitions to purely a fitness and health tracker.

Sleek in design yet dynamic in function, the SmartBand syncs with its iOS and Android apps using Bluetooth Smart to create an easy and seamless user experience with smartwatch notifications for caller ID, text messages, and app notifications. Some of the many tracking functions include logging important events, such as breastfeeding and bottle feeding, pumping, pre- and post-natal vitamins, medications, diaper changes, fetal movements, child weight, and naps, as well as a tracker for parents' hydration, weight, diet, exercise, and sleep.

Other features include an activity tracker for mom, which shows steps, distance, calories burned, and activity time. The app also saves historical data for both mom and baby in graphs and logs, making progress easy to share with family pediatricians and physicians. The splash and sweat-resistant device features an extra-long battery life, with up to 30 days of battery life per charge, best in class across all activity and fitness trackers.


Project Nursery electronics are available in stores nationwide, including Buy Buy Baby, Babies"R"Us, Giggle, and Brixy, as well as online retailers including the Project Nursery Shop and Amazon.

Amazing A.I. headphones, Vinci at CES
Check out these headphones that have already raised $1M on Kickstarter from Vinci. Built using Amazon's Alexa, they get smarter as you use them.

Powered by AI, Vinci are voice-controlled headphones and a personal assistant, with smart noise cancelling and immersive 3D sound. I was seriously impressed by the base in these suckers. The folks at Vinci gifted me with a pair of the headphones in advance of CES so I could try them out. As always, I never write or post about anything if I don't truly like and enjoy the technology. These have so much potential!

Vinci Smart Headphones are the central hub of your connected world - a smart, wireless headphone that is controlled by your voice and powered by cloud technology, with no connection needed to your mobile phone.


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