Check out these smart pods from Mamava that offer a safe and secure (and SUPER COMFY) place to nurse or pump milk while on the go. Every business in America ...

As a mom who is currently nursing (and pumping when I'm away from the baby), this was a true gem I discovered during CES 2017. Just two days prior I was pumping in a crowded restroom stall, where I dropped one of my parts in the toilet! Don't worry, I threw it out.

Walking into the Baby Trends section I saw a small line forming near the Mamava booth. I wandered over to check it out and discovered there were a tribe of nursing women at CES. We quietly and discreetly were hunting down places to pump or nurse and gave a nod of solidarity as we waited. Here was a product I both wanted to cover for Cox Communications (#coxCES) and use at the same time.

From Mamava website

This time I got out my pump and other supplies with pride. I parked myself in one of the suites designed for the corporate environment, complete with heated seats and a swivel desktop for my computer and pumped in comfort and privacy. It was the best public pumping experience I've had to date. (There's also enough space if you're traveling with more than one little person to fit comfortably and securely inside.)

The Standard Mamava suite comes with a dead bolt lock indicating whether the suite is Vacant or Occupied. Custom keyed or mechanical key pad locks are available. They are also launching with blue tooth activation so mom can easily unlock a pod or suite with their phones (no tracking down another human to let you in when you're already in a hurry). They come with both AC and USB power outlet so you can charge your phone and power your breast pump simultaneously. You can bet I charged up my devices while in there.

Each suite can be custom crafted to match an interior and create a unique look, plus they're mobile so you can move them, as needed. It's especially great for smaller office spaces who want to provide a benefit for working mothers.

I'd love to see the Mamava suites in airports, businesses and public places across the world. Let me know if you've tried one out before!

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